Why I Left Jesus Christ

18 Nov 2019

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I want to tell you why in the past I left Jesus. Many years ago, I decided that I wanted to follow Jesus and live a life like the apostles did, and be serious about him. That is what I wanted. But I didnt stay doing that. The allure of this life pulled me away from Jesus where I was no longer serous about him though I would profess his name. I was more interested in living for the allures of this life, the dreams of the heart, the things the heart wants to achieve, all the things we think of as grand, great, and wonderful, all the things of the flesh in this human experience. I wanted to follow my heart, and so I did; I lived after the world, and so I left Jesus. You cannot follow Jesus and want to live your own life and aspirations, so I left Jesus and started to follow the world, and of corse in sin, because you cannot walk a holy walk with Jesus without Jesus. If you walk away from him you fall to many sins and deceptions. That is what happened to me. I LEFT JESUS. Have you left Jesus? Did you once be serious about him then you left him? Luckily, I had a second chance to come back and I took it. Since then I have been staying with Jesus no longer living after my way. I do the things I should do in this world, I enjoy the things Jesus has given me, but my heart is not on the things anymore, that this world holds dear. You see, their hearts are on their family, the future for the family and the children, for their own future, their aspirations, dreams and things they want to achieve in this life before they die; 10 places they want to go before they die…..their hearts are on THOSE things. Their hearts are on what they want to get out of life, but their hearts are not on Jesus. You cannot follow Jesus and enter his kingdom if your heart is not on him. You cannot serve the world and Jesus at the same time. Either you are separate from the world and follow Jesus, or you are just a hearer of his word and you just live your life on the sand not being a doer of his word. My friend, it is time for you to become the one Jesus wanted you to become: a serious dedicated disciple. And if you don’t, it is because you don’t WANT to. Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Has he done enough for you that you would want to lay down your life and serve him? Then if you think he has done enough for you to do that, then today is the day to lay down your life and aspirations and all your sins, and give your life to serving Jesus in prayer, faith, dedication, holiness, reading his word, and he will bring you into greater works because he will see that you are serious, and he will take you seriously. Do so, the hour is late and darkness is coming where no man will be able to work anymore. May the Lord bless you.
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