Jesus Will Beat Hell Out Of You

18 Nov 2019

There are a lot of Christians who do not fear the Lord their God. They do not fear Jesus. But they do not realise that Jesus will chastise those whom he loves. You see many Christians think that they can go on in sin and they can do things and that Jesus can be ok with it. They seem to think that "he will understand if I just masturbate today, or if I go and lust today. He will understand if I go to a party or a swear today." They don't realise that Jesus has a big stick and he is going to beat hell out of you lest you end up in hell because he doesn't want you to end in hell. You know Jesus may put you in a wheel chair. I know people who Jesus has chastised severely and they have ended up with a broken neck. Jesus can take you health away. He can go and have your wife taken away from you. He can take your children away. He can do whatever it takes to take the hell out of you before you end up in hell.

So I want to warn you today that you must be serious about the Lord your God knowing that he will chastise you. Remember your father, you remember that school teacher, or that authoritative figure in your life that you used to fear as a child and you would get into trouble with? Jesus is like that and much worse. He is more serious than men are about chastisement. What about the police officers and the people who will put you in prison?
You fear them if you want to go and thieve as a child or as an adult. If you go and thieve something you fear the police will catch you and put you into prison. Jesus is much more severe that these people are. He is going to chastise you until you repent.

Now judgement is another thing. Judgement is very different to chastisement. Chastisement is upon people to bring them to repentance because the Lord loves you. And he wants you to learn from your mistake. So he will chastise you. But JUDGEMENT is when you do not learn from your chastisement and the Lord your God will cast your soul into the eternal fires of hell and judgement is forever. God is not playing around with sin. He destroyed the world once for sin because people didn't repent. He chastises you now to bring you to repentance. Maybe he is chastising you right now. You might be in depression. You might be sad. You might have your job taken away from you. You might have people turning upon you. You might have your wife taken away from you. Jesus is chastising you to bring you to repentance so you turn to him and stop playing around in this world and sinning. The question is are you heeding him?

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